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Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Diverse Heterogeneous-chain Blockchain Agnostic
UBIshares will run natively on all major blockchains

The universal basic income app runs on Ethereum, OKExChain, EOS and Binance smart chain blockchains with a full DEFI suite. UBIshares leverages human biometrics for security of the user and IPFS for decentralized file storage, and oracle algorithms for basic income distribution on blockchain all running synergically, cohesively and seamlessly on the decentralized environment. UBIshares is a culmination of 3 years of hardwork and development and utlizes the best which the blockchains can offer for empowering billions of humans around the world.

UBIshares Fanrong 繁荣
Native OKExChain Web Application Module (1.0)
UBIshares Falcon
Native Ethereum Web Application Module (1.0)

Click Here To Launch UBIshares Fanrong Web Application

Click Here To Launch UBIshares Falcon Web Application

UBI Falcon
Native Ethereum Blockchain Client
UBI Hawk
Native EOSIO Blockchain Client
UBI Panacea
Native Binance Smart Chain Client
Download UBI Falcon for Android Device

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Download UBI Falcon for IOS Device
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Download UBI Hawk for Android Device

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Download UBI Hawk for IOS Device
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Download UBI Panacea for Android Device

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Download UBI Panacea for IOS Device
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Each UBI will be 100 times more valuable as we keep onboarding projects under UBI through UBI launch protocol.

UBI Launch Protocol: Protocols launched under UBI


Yoganations is the first project launched under UBI using our UBI launch protocol, and is founded by a renowned Yoga monk of many decades, Mr. Sanjay Patel. In this $200 billion worth of Yoga industry, Yoganations is the first of its kind to leverage blockchain to make an impact on health and well being of people worldwide.


Importance of UBI

Over 3 years of development to bring in cutting edge blockchain technology and a merger of decentralized cloud storage in Interplanetary File System (IPFS) for enhanced blockchain based security in bio-metrical data for users and a systematic universal basic income protocol. UBIshares has a total 9 different applications in various platforms and blockchain. 3 blockchains Ethereum, EOS and Binance Smart Chain Web based application for the 3 blockchain native apps, and on android as well as ios applications. UBIshares aims to bring decentralized universal basic income through the most powerful technologies available in blockchain utilizing the full power of major blockchains. UBIshares has been perfectly audited and tested for very long time for any potential serious bugs and have been cleared of such issues. Running on multiple blockchain ensures UBIshares network runs even if one of the blockchains suffer some malicious attacks.


Currently there is no proper way for a free market economy through blockchain that can get access to billions of unbanked people without going through numerous process bureaucratic barriers. Current blockchain system like stellar have vulnerability when trying to promote free market enterprise among the unbanked, due to the lack of proper security systems in place


UBI tends to solve this by running on the highly scalable multiple native blockchains with combined millions of transactions per second capabilities as well as astringent security protocol in place. Security is enhanced and leveraged through IPFS where the user bio-metric metahash are synced and users bio-metrics can only be used to access the details thus giving a very robust form of identity protection without any data loss or any room for data breaches. UBI makes this possible with the convenience of blockchain and security of distributed systems

Universal Basic Income (UBI) Smart Contract Address


UBIshares utilities to be developed and upcoming releases

Merchant Integration UBI will be integrated into thousands of merchants worldwide giving the users a way to spend UBI tokens for their needs without having to convert it through exchanges

UBIcommerce UBIshares will have its very own ecommerce platform where UBI tokens will be the native token to make use of array of services provided to everyone

UBIshares debit/credit card Spend your UBI tokens with UBIshares debit/credit card anywhere in the world

UBIshares social entertainment Create and share videos on UBIshares platform and earn UBI tokens. Give your favorite entertainers UBI tokens within app. Creating a social dynamic on blockchain through UBIshares.

2.58 Trillion USD

Global UBI market

1.49 Trillion USD

Global debt market

1.16 Trillion USD

Global equity market

100 Billion USD

Global wealth market of bottom 30%

1.06 Trillion USD

UBI addressable market share


The UBI Smart Contract

public static async Task CreateAccount ( Eos eos string UBIAccount )
    string creatorAccount = clsConfig .CODE;
    var result = await eos .CreateTransaction ( new Transaction () {
      actions = new List < Action > () {
        new Action () {
          account = "EOSIO" , name = "newaccount" ,
          authorization = new List < PermissionLevel > () {  new PermissionLevel () { actor = creatorAccount , permission = "active"  } },
          data = new Dictionary < string object > () {
            {  "creator" ,  creatorAccount  },  {  "name" ,  UBIAccount  },
            {  "owner" , new Dictionary < string object > () {
              {  "threshold" , 1 },
              {  "keys" , new List < object > () {
                new Dictionary < string object > () {  {  "key" ,  OwnerKey  },  {  "weight" , 1 } }
                } },
              {  "accounts" , new List < object > () },  {  "waits" , new List < object > () }
            } } }
    } } } ) ;

    clsGlobal .lblStatus = result .ToString ();
  catch (System. Exception ex )
    clsGlobal .lblStatus = (( ErrorException ) ex ).error.details[0].message;

Reach and Scalability


Basic income through blockchain can alleviate the living conditions of many throughout the world.

One of the fastest ways to reach billions of people who are out of a secure financial model in blockchain.

We already have great interest from NGO and non profit organizations dealing with tackling the basic issues of billions of people.

UBI Scalability Solution

UBIshares makes use of IPFS for data security so we dont control any of the user data whereas everything is in the decentralized cloud, all the power to the users.
We have combined experience from working in many projects which had great impact in crypto world as well as tradional regulated publicly traded companies.
Insync with government laws and legislation supporting many nations effort to bring free basic income to masses. UBIshares has the capacity to board millions if not billions of users.
A long audit process which examined every aspect of the project and all areas of the code were covered to ensure user funds are safe.

UBIshares roboust blockchain code environment and ecosystem

A one of a kind reverse modified dutch auction was built from scratch giving great incentives to the users participating in UBIshares crowdsale. The auction is fully decentralized with many complex inbuilt mechanisms using multiple smart contracts to ensure users have an efficient and fair process, and recieve proper amount of tokens in their UBIshares crowdsale participation.

UBIshares has been planned to integrate with many merchants, have its own robust decentralized eccomerce platform to spend UBI tokens, UBIshares debit/ credit card to spend UBI tokens both digitally as well as in physical location, UBIshares social entertainment to engange everyone and make a decentralized ability to earn UBI tokens and reward for entertainers for providing value to users.

UBIshares was improved after receiving constant feedback from many people who have tested and used the app for many months.

UBIshares was reviewed by industry leaders from some of the biggest crypto exchanges in crypto and their feedbacks were integrated into the applications and several future developments were scheduled.

We never store any of the personal information as everything is user controlled and all data is handled by the specific native blockchains of the applications.

The architecture of UBIshares is very robust and tested for very high scalability and passed every checks.

UBIshares will constantly recieve feedback from community and keep developing modules and products to make the application better and help people.

UBI Shares to companies and wide user base

Enormous scaling possibility

Entry into 2 billion
unbanked population

Shares a huge chunk in the global economy

Working on integrating with governments through targeted presentations and demonstration to high government authorities already done

Major action steps happening now

UBIshares was presented in several key conference and the founder spoke as key speaker in events to raise awareness

UBIshares is all about the community and empowering the ordinary person as well as businesses that help the people

UBIshares will be listed on many large exchanges as we are working very closely with industry leaders in crypto exchanges

Millions of transactions are expected through users on app as well as an active economy stemming out of the UBI empowering millions of people

UBI growth with structured token lockup and release schedule over 12 years for gradual supply increase

UBIshares will be listed on many large exchanges as we are working very closely with industry leaders in crypto exchanges

UBIshares is a social cause which is fully focussed on the people. Universal basic income has been piloted in many countries and well researched and found to have a great positive impact on people lives.

UBIshares aims to make a self sustaining way of generating income to people through the combined network of blockchain as well as creating viable real world impact and businesses connected that will help people all powered by UBI.

UBIshares will be fully community oriented project which is general purposed and covers all areas to make a great impact and bring forth a positive benefit to people.

$1.5 Trillion invested in worldwide UBI related economy in 2018

$4 Trillion+ looking to be invested over next 10 years

Over 70+ countries looking to enter the space

Over 3 billion people actively participating in UBI model in next 10 years

Team Members

U B I s h a r e s