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Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Diverse Heterogeneous-chain Blockchain Agnostic
UBIshares will run natively on all major blockchains

The universal basic income app runs on EOS, Ethereum and Binance smart chain blockchains with a full DEFI suite. UBIshares leverages human biometrics for security of the user and IPFS for decentralized file storage, and oracle algorithms for basic income distribution on blockchain all running synergically, cohesively and seamlessly on the decentralized environment, The Universal Basic Income app that runs on EOS blockchain which leverages human bio-metrics for security of the user and IPFS for decentralized data storage all running synergically, cohesively and seamlessly on the decentralized environment.

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UBI Falcon
Native Ethereum Blockchain Client
UBI Hawk
Native EOSIO Blockchain Client
UBI Panacea
Native Binance Smart Chain Client
Download UBI Falcon for Android Device

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Download UBI Falcon for IOS Device
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Download UBI Hawk for Android Device

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Download UBI Hawk for IOS Device
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Download UBI Panacea for Android Device

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Download UBI Panacea for IOS Device
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Each UBI will be 100 times more valuable as we keep onboarding projects under UBI through UBI launch protocol.

UBI Launch Protocol: Protocols launched under UBI


Yoganations is the first project launched under UBI using our UBI launch protocol, and is founded by a renowned Yoga monk of many decades, Mr. Sanjay Patel. In this $200 billion worth of Yoga industry, Yoganations is the first of its kind to leverage blockchain to make an impact on health and well being of people worldwide.


Importance of UBI

Over 3 years of development to bring in cutting edge blockchain technology and a merger of decentralized cloud storage in Interplanetary File System (IPFS) for enhanced blockchain based security in bio-metrical data for users and a systematic universal basic income protocol


Currently there is no proper way for a free market economy through blockchain that can get access to billions of unbanked people without going through numerous process bureaucratic barriers. Current blockchain system like stellar have vulnerability when trying to promote free market enterprise among the unbanked, due to the lack of proper security systems in place


UBI tends to solve this by running on the highly scalable EOS blockchain with millions of transactions per second capabilities as well as astringent security protocol in place. Security is enhanced and leveraged through IPFS where the user bio-metric metahash are synced and users bio-metrics can only be used to access the details thus giving a very robust form of identity protection without any data loss or any room for data breaches. UBI makes this possible with the convenience of blockchain and security of distributed systems

Universal Basic Income (UBI) Smart Contract Address


UBI Rewards Calculator

Staking Period Reward Value Reward Amount
More than 1 year 12 % 0.0000 UBI
More than 6 months 4 % 0.0000 UBI

UBI Staking Monitor

Click here to track your UBI staking rewards live on blockchain

2.58 Trillion USD

Global UBI market

1.49 Trillion USD

Global debt market

1.16 Trillion USD

Global equity market

100 Billion USD

Global wealth market of bottom 30%

1.06 Trillion USD

UBI addressable market share


The UBI Smart Contract

public static async Task CreateAccount ( Eos eos string UBIAccount )
    string creatorAccount = clsConfig .CODE;
    var result = await eos .CreateTransaction ( new Transaction () {
      actions = new List < Action > () {
        new Action () {
          account = "EOSIO" , name = "newaccount" ,
          authorization = new List < PermissionLevel > () {  new PermissionLevel () { actor = creatorAccount , permission = "active"  } },
          data = new Dictionary < string object > () {
            {  "creator" ,  creatorAccount  },  {  "name" ,  UBIAccount  },
            {  "owner" , new Dictionary < string object > () {
              {  "threshold" , 1 },
              {  "keys" , new List < object > () {
                new Dictionary < string object > () {  {  "key" ,  OwnerKey  },  {  "weight" , 1 } }
                } },
              {  "accounts" , new List < object > () },  {  "waits" , new List < object > () }
            } } }
    } } } ) ;

    clsGlobal .lblStatus = result .ToString ();
  catch (System. Exception ex )
    clsGlobal .lblStatus = (( ErrorException ) ex ).error.details[0].message;
Compare Solutions For Users Stellar Government Social Safety Net UBI
Enhanced user funds security NO NO YES
Initial wealth distribution YES YES YES
Monthly wealth distribution NO YES YES
Wider coverage YES YES YES
Efficient free market participation NO NO YES
Decentralized data storage /
data protection
Compare Solutions For Investors Stellar Government Social Safety Net UBI
Liquidity YES YES YES
Low risk NO YES YES
Tax advantage NO NO YES
Wider free market investment YES NO YES
Growth potential NO NO YES

How UBI Solution Works ?

Global user base

Proof of individuality through blockchain and IPFS

Free market participation

Syndication to diversification

Liquidity center

UBI joins with the global user-base to provide a stimulating economy with free market incentivization and active market expenditure and participation

User acquisition

Gradual to rapid user onboarding with the aim of reaching 100 million+ users initially unleashing power of blockchain, IPFS and globalized universal basic income for every human being through proof of individualization

UBI tokens can be used in these areas within the ecosystem

UBI Economic Center

UBI Shares

UBI Exchange

Monthly Free Market


Ways to spend UBI within the app

Digital Purchase

Music Purchase

Online Shopping

Exchange UBI for other markets and

Vice-versa within native platform and synergic partners

Incentivization and rewards

How UBI compares with other solutions


Other Solution

Investors Buy the Token

Checks the Regulatory compliance
Slow onboarding of users lacking a strong cause in sync with legislations and governing economics

UBI Solution

Unlimited Free market participation

Unlimited number of active user participation
Insync with government laws and legislation supporting many nations effort to bring free basic income to masses
Unleashing the transparency, immutability of blockchain to empower the masses


Use Of Funds

1. 90% UBI ecosystem
2. 10% Liquidity reserve

Machine Learning due diligence

Each of the companies as well as the users both under companies and general go under a strict level of data protection and due diligence to individuality association

1) AI module scanning
2) IPFS data fetching
3) Bio-metric decentralized synchronization
4) Free market due diligence
5) Economic center due diligence
6) Finalized approval data authentication

UBI Shares to companies and wide user base

Enormous scaling possibility

Entry into 2 billion
unbanked population

Shares a huge chunk in the global economy

Working on integrating with governments through targeted presentations and demonstration to high government authorities already done

Ecosystem Incentives

1) Micro transactional fees being burned

2) Reward pool to encourage active user participation

3) Channeling government subsidies through the UBI application

Go to Market

Engage with exchanges to list UBI for trading as well as a massive liquidity base

Dedicated development fund to ensure development of project goes on for many years and as well as group of community developer participation through incentivized grants

Effective outreach marketing to aquire many users to UBI

Millions of transactions are expected through users on app as well as an active economy stemming out of the UBI empowering millions of people

UBI growth with structured token lockup and release schedule over 12 years for gradual supply increase

$1.5 Trillion invested in worldwide UBI related economy in 2018

$4 Trillion+ looking to be invested over next 10 years

Over 70+ countries looking to enter the space

Over 3 billion people actively participating in UBI model in next 10 years

Team Members